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Sometimes it is hard to imagine how new technology will fit into your home and where it might be used. This is why we have created this mobile friendly site called Assistive Technology (AT) Home Help.

We have added a description of the Assistive Technology our Council assessors can install into your home into the different rooms of a house. By visiting this site on a phone or tablet through one of the links provided, you can move around your home with this device and click on the descriptions of the technology available in each room.

For now we just have photos of typical rooms in a home as a guide. In future versions of this mobile site we hope to add an Augmented Reality feature that will enable you to view your actual rooms with the Assistive Technology visible. Watch this space!

You can simply click on this link from your PC or laptop as the site will load in your browser, but in order to move around your home and imagine where the technology would be installed and you might use it, then you will need to access the link on your mobile device or one of a family member or AT Assessor.

You have two options from your mobile:

  1. Using our QR code
    Point the camera on your phone at this QR code on the screen and it should detect the web link… there are slightly different ways of doing this on an iPhone, Samsung or Google handset.
    QR code
  2. Open a web browser on your mobile
    We have created a tiny URL for the weblink. Type this into your URL bar:

On your phone you will be presented with a grid of different rooms in a typical house. We suggest you move to the room you want to explore and then click on this named room… Kitchen for example.

Look around your own Kitchen at home whilst holding up the kitchen image on your phone. Click on the circular orange + tabs to reveal information, images and video links about the piece of Assistive Technology kit that could be installed here.

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