Alarm clock

Extra loud vibrating alarm clock

The Council often recommends the Geemarc Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve, which is compact with a large display digital alarm clock which can wake you with an extra loud alarm, strobe light or a vibrating pad. If you want to just have the shaker and alarm or the shaker and flashing strobe – you can. While the alarm clock is being used it will allow you to charge a smartphone or other USB device at the same time.

The instructions are user-friendly, and the time and alarm are easy to set with a 12 or 24 hour clock option. Tone and volume controls for the alarm are all incorporated into the unit.

There are 3 settings to the brightness of the display allowing you to customize the clock’s display to your needs. The vibrating shaker pad that goes under a pillow has a long lead running from the clock. The power from the shaker pad is drawn from the main base unit, allowing you to wake up by means of the shaker pad without waking your partner if you choose this option.

The alarm snooze button can be set between 5 and 60 minutes, giving you a choice on how long you want to snooze between each alarm. You don’t need a battery, but you can install one as back-up in case you have a power cut in the night.

Product demo video