Portable flashing doorbell alert

Portable flashing doorbell alerts are ideal for anyone with sight and/or hearing loss, so that you can be sure not to miss your important visitors – family and friends, postal or parcel deliveries, your community nurses or carers.

The Council usually advises people to get a Sarabec Chimeflash which is a wireless doorbell alerting system that has many great features such as ultra-bright flashing LED lights, extremely loud sound with volume control and also indicator symbols. The flashing unit, helps you to be aware of the doorbell via vibration, amplified sound and through flashing.

The chimeflash has been designed with hard of hearing people in mind, but will also suit people with visual impairments or people who just need a good doorbell with excellent range and reliability as well as being very loud. You can choose how you would like to be alerted, either by Sound only, flash Only or Sound and Flash together.

Product demo video

Watch this video in British Sign Language (BSL)