Telephones are an important asset for those who need something more than a conventional telephone, especially to help them keep in touch with loved ones or friends

We recommend a Doro Magna 4000 Amplified telephone for anyone with moderate to severe hearing loss.

One push of the boost button instantly raises the handset volume to +60dB and adjustable tone control ensures clear sound quality suited to your individual needs.

The ringer is also very loud and is combined with a flashing ringer. This is especially useful because it’s very easy to use thanks to large keys, direct memories and a display for using Caller ID, phonebook and other useful functions. Plus, you can also use the hands free speakerphone.

We also recommend a Doro Phone Easy Amplified telephone which is a big button telephone ideal for the visually and or hearing impaired. Incoming calls can be seen and heard with a flashing light indicator. The Doro PhoneEasy has 3 speed dials and 10 ‘two touch’ memory buttons to ensure you reach your contacts easily.

Product demo video