Third party technology

In addition to our Council supplied catalogue of equipment, you can also see a list of technology that some residents might already use or are considering using from third party suppliers.

Portable flashing doorbell alerts are issued to prevent missing someone at the door such as visitors, postman, delivery, district nurse, carers, etc.

Portable personal listener devices are issued to prevent missing out on a 1-1 conversation or in small group. Personal listeners are provided with a choice of a neck loop or a stethoscope.

Room loops are issued to make it easier to amplify sound to enable a person or couple who also have hearing loss to be able to enjoy watching television using a loop or headphones.

Baby alarm systems are issued to alert the attention of the parent/parents when a baby is crying.

Smoke alarms with a vibrating pad under the pillow are referred to and provided by West Yorkshire Fire Service.

We don’t usually provide alarm clocks and telephones, but can be issued with agreement from management.

Liquid level indicators are issued to prevent scalds when making hot drinks.

Anti-glare glasses are issued to ameliorate the disabling effects of glare.

Communiclocks are sometimes issued when people are unable to tell the time, depending on other factors.

Bump-ons are applied to appliance dials to make it easier for people to set them, i.e. cookers, washing machines, microwaves etc.

Typoscopes are sometimes issued to reduce visual clutter when reading.

Signature/envelope guides are issued to identify where the person needs to sign/write an address.

Thick nibbed pens are sometimes issued to enable people to read back what they have written.

Symbol canes are sometimes issued to identify to others that the person has sight loss.

Long canes are issued following mobility training to enable people to move around safely outdoors.