Room loop

Room loops make it easier to amplify sound to enable a person or couple who also have hearing loss to be able to enjoy watching television using a loop or headphones

The way a hearing loop works is quite straightforward.

A hearing loop, sometimes called an induction loop, T-Loop or an audio frequency induction loop (AFIL), is a system that takes a sound source and transfers it directly via a loop to a hearing aid without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion.

The loop (usually) surrounds the area where it needs to capture sounds and generates a ‘field’. The hearing aid user then switches their hearing aid to the ‘T-position’. The field is picked up inside the hearing aid of hearing impaired person. The hearing aid tailors the sound to the specific needs of the individual. Sound is delivered directly into the ear canal, without background noise.

We often advise that people use a Sonumaxx 2.4PR Headset/Neckloop System (wearable) which allows you to enjoy your TV, etc, all at your own volume settings (so as not to disturb others or even the neighbours!). Others can listen to the TV as normal. A special feature is the possibility to switch from the reception of the TV sound to a built in microphone so that you can listen to conversations too.

Product demo video