Portable personal listener device

Portable personal listener devices help to prevent missing out on a 1-1 conversation or in small group

If you are not always able to catch everything that is said in conversation you may benefit from using a Personal Listener. You can use a personal listener for conversation with friends or at work where you may find listening in a group or noisy situation to be stressful. You can also use one to relax and listen to TV or Radio.

We often advise people to acquire a Crescendo 60 Personal Listener which will amplify the sound from your television, radio or conversation. It will allow you to listen at a volume that is comfortable for you. There is no need to have television or radio volume at a level that will disturb your family friends or neighbours. It will allow you to take part in conversation with confidence.

The Crescendo Personal Listener is also a portable listener which is light and comfortable to use. For conversation use the plug in microphone to pick up the sound. For use with a TV or radio either a Music device or your computer. A microphone or direct connection lead is used to pick up the sound. It can also be used when on your travels but only for conversational use.

Product demo video