Ambient Temperature Sensor

Maintain and control a healthy temperature within the home.

Product description

The Ambient Temperature Sensor is a solution which helps to monitor a healthy temperature within the home. It detects excessively low or high temperatures, or detects a rise in temperature, which helps if someone is unable to detect changes in temperature themselves.

The device has an easy to read LCD screen that will display the current temperature, at the same time high and low temperature thresholds can also be set.

The sensor supports independent living by setting these predetermined high and low temperature ranges in consultation with the user, and a family member if necessary, to agree on a comfortable living environment.

It is linked to either a Lifeline Vi or Lifeline GSM and sends information about unexpected changes. This alerts the 24-hour Call/Monitoring Centre who will make contact with the user, a family member or neighbour to ask to adjust the heating.

Product demo video

Watch this video in British Sign Language (BSL)