Bed Sensor

Monitors occupancy and automatically raises an alarm call if unexpected activity is detected

Product description

The Bed Sensor is designed to automatically raise an alert if someone:

  • has not gone to bed by a predetermined time
  • has not got out of bed by a predetermined time
  • gets out of bed during the night and does not return within a predetermined time period

The pressure pad is a wide pad that is placed under or on top of the mattress to allow minimal disruption to sleep.

The mattress sensor can be linked via the Lifeline Vi or Lifeline GSM unit so if unexpected activity is detected for one of the occupancy sensors, the 24-hour monitoring staff can check both devices before raising an alarm to ring a named contact you have provided or our response team may attend. The bed sensor can also be linked to the Care Assist device.

Product demo video

Watch this video in British Sign Language (BSL)