Early Help and Prevention team

Who we are

Experienced Social Workers and Occupational Therapists will assess and provide extra help and support, through assistive technology and equipment or short term re-ablement package, to help maintain your independence as long as possible in your own home.

Your journey

An Access Information Adviser will screen the details provided and will provide information for support within the community and support groups via a call back. If it decided the case is appropriate for EHAP the case will be sent to the relevant EHAP area list for the case to be allocated.
Allocated Social Worker and Occupational Therapist will make a phone call and have a chat with you or the referring individual over the phone.
Your allocated Social Worker and Occupational Therapist will carry out a home visit.
An OT Prevention and Wellbeing assessment is completed. They will suggest equipment including assistive technology and provide information around other agencies in order to help you remain independent. If necessary, they may also send a referral to Bradford Council’s BEST team. If case goes to BEST the Home Support Reviewing team will then review your care package.
The allocated Social Worker and Occupational Therapist will review your case after 2 weeks, and if needed, amend any equipment.
If the assessment has helped to meet your needs, the team will close your case. If they assess you need further help, they will make a referral to the relevant team.

Your journey

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