Sensory Needs team

Who we are

The Sensory Needs service is made up of two teams – the Hearing Impairment team and Visual Impairment team that specialise in each area. The service will assess people’s needs and will provide or recommend suitable pieces of equipment to help manage day-to-day living and long term solutions.

Your journey

Hospital sends referral to our Sensory Needs team with a copy of your Sight Loss certificate Self-referral or referral by a family member, friend or loved ones made to our Sensory Needs team or to our Access team Your GP sends a referral to our Sensory Needs Team, on your behalf
A member of our Duty team will contact you and go through the CVI screening questions. They will provide lots of information including where to buy any Assistive Technology and an information pack.
An appointment may be booked in, if appropriate, for you to visit our demonstration based at Morley Street, Bradford. Our demonstration room has lots of equipment and technology for you to try for yourself to see what is most suitable for you.
If you're happy with the information and the equipment meets your needs, the officer will leave you with information, if you need to contact us in the future. If more support is needed, a Sensory Needs Rehabilitation Officer will undertake a visual impairment assessment and provide any further training or equipment. If you need any further support, the officer will provide our contact details fif you need to contact us in the future.

Your journey

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